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How to Auto Close & Store Unused Tabs Until You Need Them in Firefox

How many tabs that you open when browsing the web? 50, 80, or even 100 tabs? And how many of those tabs that you actually use? Dustman gives you an option to automatically close and store unused tabs after a period of time so that you can keep only what you really need without completely losing other tabs.

It adds a trash button on the main toolbar after installation. The list of the tabs that are automatically closed can be accessed by clicking the button. A click on any of the tabs will reopen it as well as delete it from the list.


By default the add-on closes tab that haven’t been used within 20 minutes and leaves only 5 tabs open with the exception for the pinned tabs. You can adjust the the tresholds via its Options panel. The auto close can be paused anytime you like.

The number of tabs shown in the panel is set to 100 but you can also change this setting according to your specific need.


It’s a good idea to prevent the screen from being cluttered so much, but it would be better if somehow the developer adds a search function to find the tabs that are about to be opened instead of making users to scroll the list in such a small height panel. Also, an ability to delete items individually and the whole list at once would be great, too. And perhaps gives users option to keep or delete the list between sessions.

Version reviewed: Dustman 1.1.0

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