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Another Way to Close Tabs More Quickly in Firefox

As you already know, closing other tabs at once can be done quickly by right-clicking on the active tab and select “Close Other Tabs” or “Close Tabs to the Right”. Now here is a way to make it more quickly.

If you always click the tab that you want to stay open before closing the others, stop doing it. Just hover your mouse over the tab, make sure that it is highlighted, right-clicking on it, and then:

  • If you choose “Close Other Tabs”, the focus shifts automatically to the highlighted tab after the other tabs are closed.
  • If you choose “Close Tabs to the Right”, the focus stays on the active/current tab.


Let’s say that the active one is the second tab and you want to close the fifth tab and the next ones. Since you still need to do something with the second, you don’t want to shift the focus.

Hover your mouse over the fourth tab to right-click on it and select the command.

The result is that the tabs on the right side of the fourth are closed and the focus stays on the second.

This is indeed a very simple tip but it can save you from countless unnecessary clicking over time.

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