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Always Open Bookmark and History Items in New Tab [Firefox]

Always Open Bookmark and History Items in New Tab [Firefox] post image

By default, left-clicking on bookmark and history items in Firefox open the pages in current tabs. While it is possible to use the mouse wheel button or pressing Ctrl+left-click, some of you might want to change the default behavior of the left-clicking instead so that you can always open the items in new tabs as quick as possible. Open Bookmarks in New Tab is exactly the add-on to make it happens.

And if you need to keep the ability to open the items in current tabs even though you do that only once in a blue moon, the extension’s option allows you to set the middle-clicking to do the job.

For Tab Mix Plus user, I’m pretty sure that you already know that the great add-on already provide the same feature. In fact, it is even more customizable since you can choose to apply the “open in new tab” behavior to either the bookmark or history items or both. It can also be applied to address bar and search bar.

Just in case some of you are interested to ditch your current tab management extension and install Tab Mix Plus, the behavior can be found and activated in the Events => Tab Opening.


Get Open Bookmarks in New Tab here or Tab Mix Plus here.

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