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Copy and Paste As Plain Text By Default or Use Shortcuts

Copying text is as easy as pressing Ctrl + C or using the Copy option from the context menu, but sometimes when you need to copy some rich text from a web page, it just doesn’t work exactly like the way you want it. You need to paste the plain text, but it turns out that the original formatting of the text is retained. The link is still intact, the font size is big, the color is preserved, and so on. If you copy and paste text from web page frequently, this can easily be a very annoying issue.

Sure you can open Notepad and paste the rich text in there to get rid of the formatting, but wouldn’t it be nice if you can just use a shortcut key to do it or even make the default copy behavior to always copy plain text?

In Firefox, you have a number of extensions that lets you remove the original formatting when the text is pasted, and Copy Plain Text 2 is one of them.

The extension provides 3 ways to copy plain text:

  • Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + U
  • “Copy As Plain Text” in context menu
  • Change the default copy behavior to always remove the original formatting by default

Another interesting option is Easy Copy Paste. Instead of giving you shortcuts or context menu option to copy as plain text, it displays a relatively prominent icon for a few adjustable seconds after you highlight some text. Click the icon and the message “Copied to clipboard!” appears, telling you that it’s already been done.

The nicest thing is, Easy Copy Paste also has the two following options:

  • Automatically copy when text is highlighted
  • Copy as plain text by default

When these two are enabled, all you have to do is just highlighting text and it is automatically copied as plain text.

Version reviewed:
Copy Plain Text 2 1.3.2 and Easy Copy Paste 1.1.0 on Firefox 35.0.1

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