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Add YouTube Video Search to Firefox Search Bar & How to Acces It Quickly

YouTube is one of my mostly visited websites. When I need to search for some videos, most of the time YouTube is the first place I go to. Normally, I type the keyword phrase followed by youtube word or by site:youtube.com in Google, or go to YouTube website and search from there directly. It’s simple, but soon it becomes a tedious thing to do after doing it so many times. If you feel the same way, and interested in getting a way out, there is an alternative way to search YouTube videos more quickly. Add that YouTube video search engine to Firefox search bar.

Adding a new search engine to Firefox is quite easy and, thankfully, doesn’t require any help from any extension. This is how to do it:

  1. Open YouTube website.
  2. Once it is opened, click on the drop-down arrow of the Firefox search bar. As you can see from the screenshot below, there is a new item on the list, which is “Add YouTube Video Search”. Click on it to get your Firefox the ability to search YouTube right from its search bar.

There is still one problem left, though, for me and anyone else who often switch between search engines such as Bing, Wikipedia, Google, Twitter and so on in the search bar. I want to be able to switch to YouTube search quickly whenever I need it, and I want the same thing for the rest of the engines. But how?

# Solution 1: use hotkey to access the search bar and switch between the engines for mouseless solution

  1. Press Ctrl + K to move the focus to the search bar
  2. Press Alt + Down arrow key or F4 to display the list
  3. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to choose YouTube and then press Enter to replace the default engine in the search bar with it.


  1. Press Ctrl + K to move the focus to the search bar
  2. Press Ctrl + Up/Down arrow keys to switch between the search engines quickly without displaying the list.

#Solution 2: use this extension called as Quick Search Bar if you prefer using mouse

What this add-on does is changing how the search bar items are displayed. After installing it and restart Firefox you will see that the items are no longer hidden but displayed in a row inside the search bar. Switching search engine that used to be done in two clicks can now be accomplished in a single click with the help of this extension.

quick search bar

As a bonus, you can visit any of the search pages simply by middle-clicking on the button. If you want to go to YouTube site, for instance, you can middle-clicking on YouTube button on the search bar.

#Solution 3: use InstantFox Quick Search

This restartless extension merges Firefox address bar with the search bar, but it is not my main point here. Its most important feature is its ability that allows us to use any of the search-bar search engines with a shortcut. For instance, if you want to search YouTube for the term files, you just need to type y files in the address bar. If you want to search Amazon for the same keyword, type a files.

What’s more, the shortcut for each search engine can be customized.


Note that if you choose to install InstantFox there is no need anymore for you to use the trick above to add YouTube search to Firefox as it has already been provided by this extension. Once you install it, you can view more engines within the drop-down list.

Interested? Get it from Firefox add-on page.

That’s how to add YouTube search to Firefox so that you can search for the videos without having to open the site first. While I myself prefer InstantFox because it allows me to use shortcut to use an engine and because it also merges the search bar with the address bar so that I have wider space to type, some of us might not like to put another shorcut into their memory and thus find Quick Search Bar is more of a choice.

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