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Add Unsorted Bookmarks Button on Firefox Toolbar for Easier Access

Adding web pages into “Unsorted Bookmarks” folder is a good solution to take when you come across some interesting ones but not having enough time to read in detail. It also acts as a temporary space to store new links before moving any to other bookmark folder. Nonetheless, one has to open the “Unsorted Bookmarks” folder on its own separate window just to access its content. It would be much easier if the folder is placed right on the toolbar area, and this is what this Firefox add-on does.

Just like the name of the add-on, “Unsorted Bookmarks Toolbar Button” puts the folder to the toolbar area. It lets you view the content just by clicking the button. Note that you need to place the button manually after installing the add-on. Right click on the toolbar area and click “Customize”. Find the button in the “Customize Toolbar” window and drag and drop it to the toolbar to place it.


Unsorted Bookmarks Toolbar Button is a restartless add-on. It doesn’t include any option whatsoever, which is great because that button alone is good enough. The functionality offered looks simple but can save time for anyone who wants to make use of the “Unsorted Bookmarks” folder.

Tested version: 0.11 on Firefox 20. You can download it from the Firefox add-on repository.

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