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Add Text, Shapes, Images, Arrows, Callouts to Pictures

PicEdit is meant to be an image editing software. However, PicEdit seems to be more suitable to be used as an annotation tool. The reason is pretty clear after you install and launch the application. There are only a few basic editing features within. If you’re looking for an image enhancement software, an application like PhotoFiltre is a much better option. Nonetheless, PicEdit will probably become one of your most-often-used tools if you use screenshots within articles frequently just like I do here. Beside PicEdit, you should also see what Screenpresso offers to annotate your images.


Need more than just a simple straight arrow? Then you will be glad to find this one. It gives you more than just standard boring styles.

add arrows to images

Take a look also at the kinds of shapes, lines and bubbles below that you can utilize for your screenshots.

annotate with bubbles

annotate with callout

add lines, shapes, rectangles to image

If that is not enough yet, click on the Stamp button and see what you get. A number of illustrative visual elements are provided by default. What’s more, it lets you add your own, which means that you can have a countless number of attractive elements.

stamp library


Another good tool to annotate images which I would love to recommend here is Screenpresso. You can add bubbles, arrows, superimpose custom images onto the current picture, circles, rectangles and numbers.

Stylish annotation
Each element that you add to the work area can be customized. You can apply some effects such as transparency, color, size, shadow, glow, etc. For numbering elements, just click on the number button and click on the area that needs to be numbered until you’re finished. You can continue the numbering from any value anytime you need, which is pretty useful if you want to numbering different areas within the same picture.

What’s more, you can create a profile for each setting. Let’s say that you need to add arrows in different colors. With this profile capability, you can add arrows with blue, red or any color simply by selecting the profile that you have created.


Adding custom images is also made easier and quicker. Once you select an image from the list or choose your own image, you can simply keep left-clicking on the picture to superimpose the image as many as you need. Once you finish, right-click on the work area.

Since Screenpresso is a screen capture application, you can edit your picture with its built-in editing tool immediately after taking screenshots.

Custom images
Note that even though you can add or superimpose any custom image onto a picture in Screenpresso, apparently you cannot add it to the list. On the other hand, you can add your own images as many as you want in PicEdit under the Stamp Library panel. You can even create different groups within the library.

Both programs are designed for Windows. Visit PicEdit and Screenpresso official websites to download the installer.

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