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Add Tabs to File Explorer in Windows 10

If you want to browse your files in tabs but reluctant to use a third-party app such as Q-Dir, you can add multi-row tabs to File Explorer in Windows 10 with the help of QTTabbar.


After the installation, you need to log off or restart your computer. Then, open File Explorer, click the View menu at the top, click the drop-down button of Options, and click QTTabbar.

To open a folder in a new tab, right-click on it and select Open in New Tab. Or, you can just middle-click on the folder.

To close current tab, hit Ctrl + W or simply click the close button on the tab.


By default the tabs are located on top but it can be moved to bottom via the drop-down list of the File Explorer Options.

QTTabbar is a really nice addon to File Explorer not only because it adds tabs, but also because it has tons of other useful features, which you can see for yourself in its Options panel by hitting Alt + O.


You can add numerous keyboard shortcuts to Explorer, customize tab appearance, change tab font style, and a lot more. You can even add more capabilites to the Explorer by making use of the plugins provided at the developer’s site.

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