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Add Site Favicons to Google Search Result Without Making It Slow

Displaying unique favicon to each link listed in Google Search result isn’t just a matter of appearance. It can help you find the answers you actually want to read more quickly.

Just a quick glance of the favicon and you will know instantly where the result comes from, provided that you’re already familiar with the favicon. It’s a little bit faster than reading the small, long URL line below each result’s title.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

Favicons in Google Chrome

If you like what you see above, or if you just want to give it a try, here is how to enable the favicons in Firefox and Chrome.

For Firefox users, download and install Google favicons 2.5 from Firefox add-on site. It’s restartless.

For Google Chrome users, download and install Faviconize Google 2.3 from Chrome Web Store.

Both extensions work automatically without needing any additional configuration. Just search for something in Google search and you’ll see that the favicons are displayed next to each title in the result page.

Look closely and you will notice that the favicons are loaded after the search result appears.

Or, try DuckDuckGo. This cute search engine has this feature by default. But unlike these two extensions, DuckDuckGo displays favicons next to the URL line below the description of each result.

Favicons in DuckDuckGo

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