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Add Rotating Tiled Text Watermark to Photos

If you’re concerned with the copyright of your photos, you should at least add a text watermark even though it’s only a small one placed at the bottom corner. If that isn’t enough, if you need a rather more aggressive watermarking, you might want to add watermark which is tiled accross your picture. I’ve been looking around for a free software that has this repeating watermark capability and finally found one which turns out to be more than I’d expected. Not only it can add tiled watermarks, it can also rotate the watermarks.

Meet Easy Watermark Studio Lite.

It’s easy to use, supports layers, can watermark multiple photos at once, has adjustable transparency effect, add some basic effects such as shadow and glow, smooth text, gradient color, resize the output images, and can add a folder or individual images either from within the program or by drag and drop actions.

Easy Watermark Studio Lite

Tips: To be able to freely place an individual watermark at any position on your image, click any of the corner icons and then drag the text to the desired location.

The cons, some of the modules are for Pro version but they aren’t labeled anything whatsoever. Consequently, you would probably find yourself activates the features by accident which then triggers the message “Upgrade to Pro” to appear.

Also, in this Lite version, only three image types are supported for the inputs: JPG, BMP, TIFF.

Watermark configuration can be saved to a profile, which is useful to apply a certain watermark setting without having to configure it over and over again from the scratch. However, every time I need to switch to a different profile, the message “Upgrade to Pro” appears. I hit the close button to get rid of it but nothing happens so I keep clicking the button. It turns out that I have to click the button seven times to make it disappear.

However, all in all, it’s a nice application to use if what you need is being able to add rotating tiled watermarks to a single image or even multiple images simultaneously. Easy Watermark Studio Lite is free and works for Windows.

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