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Add Right or Left Vertical Toolbar to Firefox With Optional Auto Hide Feature

If you install lots of Firefox addons and places the buttons on the horizontal navigation toolbar which makes it overly crowded, you might want to consider using or adding a vertical toolbar. Since Firefox doesn’t provide such toolbar, you can use an extension to add it. Meet Vertical Toolbar, a Firefox addon designed specifically to let users drags and drops buttons to a vertically placed toolbar as an alternative to the standard horizontal bar.

It can add right or left vertical toolbar to Firefox. The toolbar can be always displayed–which is perhaps a preferable option for users who work with wider screens–and can also be auto hidden if want to keep your screen as clean as possible. Any button can be added to and removed from the toolbar freely.

Once installed, a vertical toolbar is immediately added to the left side of Firefox screen by default. Some buttons such as fullscreen, bookmarks, printing and other buttons are already added to the bar but you can remove any of them if you want to. To remove and add new buttons or icons, right-click on the new toolbar and select “Customize”, drag and drop the ones that you need to the bar, and then click on Done to apply the changes. The other buttons that are placed in the navigation toolbar can also be moved to the vertical toolbar.

The Options window is where you can customize the toolbar further. You can change how it should be displayed in normal and fullscreen mode, adjust the apppearances of buttons–icons, icons with text or text only–and where the bar should be positioned–left or right.

The auto hide animation is activated by default. If you want to enable the auto hide, removing the animation seems to improve the toolbar’s responsiveness.

Although there is no option to control the auto hide respond time and to adjust the width of the toolbar or the buttons, Vertical Toolbar 0.3.3 is already a great addon to have for Firefox users.

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