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Add Retro Styles, Vignette Effects & Frames to Photos With XnRetro

Nowadays you can find a plethora number of free photo editings that allow you to apply some basic editing and add effects. There is no need to depend on Adobe Photoshop for such simple tasks. For instance, let’s see XnRetro. It is a free, portable application designed to let users add effects to photos as quick and easy as possible.

XnRetro has a simple yet elegant user interface. At the bottom you can find the photo effects it provides which include up to 30 frames, 15 light effects, 20 retro styles, and 5 vignette effects that are grouped under different tabs. At the right side is where you can find a number of sliders to make some adjustments to the photo’s brightness, saturation, light opacity, etc.

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Any changes you make are applied to the photo automatically and the result can be seen directly on the preview panel. At the bottom left corner you can find the original photo display, which basically letting you comparing the adjusted photo with the original one.

Note that there are two Reset buttons. The one at the toolbar area resets every changes you make to the photo back to its original state, while the one below the sliders resets the changes coming from adjusting the sliders.

After everything is done, you can save or share the photo. Small, normal, large and original are the sizes you can choose from before sharing or saving it.


  • Portable.
  • Add retro styles, light effects, vignette effects and frames to photo.
  • Adjust photo’s brightness, color, noise, contrast, etc.
  • Reset buttons to undo the changes.
  • Rotate photo.
  • Compare the adjusted photo with the original one.
  • Save the result to your PC or share it to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, TwitPic, etc.

XnRetro v1.26 is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Tested successfully on Windows 7. Go to the program’s homepage to download it.

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