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Add Different Colors to Firefox Tab Background and Text for Current, Unread, Unloaded & Other Tabs With Tab Mix Plus

Sometimes when I open many tabs I found myself having a little hard time in finding out which tab I’m currently reading, especially when the title of the tabs are exactly the same each other. For instance, browse ThePaperWall.com and open a number of its wallpapers in new tabs. You’ll see that each of the tabs has the same title: The Paper Wall, which will be shorten when there are many tabs on the bar. The current tab is highlighted by default in Firefox but it isn’t just enough for me. This can be worse if you use Tab Mix Plus and enable the Multi-row option up to three rows which can fit up to 30 tabs without scrolling or if you use Tree Style Tab that fits around 25 visible tabs on a 1366×768 screen. Thus, I need a more distinctive highlight style. Fortunately, if you’re a Tab Mix Plus user, you can add different colors not only to the tab text but also to the tab background.

This screenshot below is just a simple example or representation of the situation:

before change

And here is how they look like after I made some changes:

after changes

To add color to the tabs, open Tab Mix Plus options, Click the “Display” icon, select “Tab” and then hit the “Customize Styles…” button. Here you can apply different style to current, unloaded, unread and other tabs. A custom style can also be applied to the tab progress meter if you want to. You can select a color from the palette by clicking the color button or entering an RGB value. It is also possible to make the tab text becomes bold, italic or has underline. What’s more, the opacity of the text and background color can be adjusted as well.

tabmixplus tab option

customize tab styles

The changes take effect instantly without hitting the OK button and without closing the window, which is a good thing since you can continue making the adjustments until you get the best settings while viewing the result as the change happens.

In the future, in case you decide to remove the style for a certain tab, let’s say for unread tab, there is no need to open the “Customize Styles” window. Just go to the “Tab” panel under the “Display” menu and uncheck the correct box.

Version used: Tab Mix Plus on Firefox 21

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