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Add Delete Button to Google Search Box to Delete Search Text Easier (Firefox)

When you’re searching on something using different search keywords, there are normally three possible things you can do to delete the current keyword and replace it as quick as possible:

  • You can place cursor in the search box and then press Ctrl+A followed by typing the new keyword to overwrite the current one.
  • Delete the current keyword by using Backspace keyboard-button.
  • Or, set Google as your default search engine and then press Ctrl+K to activate the search box on Firefox navigation bar. There is no need to delete the old keyword as it will be automatically highligted, ready to be overwritten.

This tiny, restartless add-on provides another solution. It adds an X button to Google search box.

Google Clear X Button

Install the add-on and then open Google.com. The X button appears only after you type at least two characters in the box.

Undoubtedly, the fastest way is still using the Ctrl+K shortcut, but this X button can come handy in certain situations.

Version tested: Google Clear X button 1.0 on Firefox 23 | Homepage

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