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Quickly Add Color to Selected Tabs in Firefox

Do you often find it difficult to locate the tabs that you really need? Here is the simplest thing you can do. Limit the number of open tabs as few as possible. If that’s not an option, try to add some color to the the most important tabs or the ones that you refer more often than the others.

Tab Colors is a restartless Firefox extension that allows you to add color to selected tabs quickly.

After installation, right-click on a tab and you will see five color lines (red, blue, green, yellow, and white) in the context menu.


Click one of the colors to apply it to the selected tab.

It’s simple and quick. The con side is that it doesn’t save the color between sessions. Exit Firefox browser and the colors are gone.

It also doesn’t show the applied colors in the “List all tabs” section, which makes it less effective than it should be when you open so many tabs, unless you’re willing to install another extension to display tabs in a multi-row bar style like Tab Mix Plus.

Version reviewed: Tab Colors 1.11 on Firefox 35

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