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A Top-Notch System Optimizer Freeware, Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare, developed by IObit, is a system optimizer program specifically created to help Windows users in keeping their system performance to stay on top without too much effort. It offers lots of optimization tools that comes handy when we need to do some cleaning manually while also provides a one-click optimization function to run all of the necessary fixes.

introductory screen

Once installed users are immediately greeted with a short tour that basically walks us through its latest and advanced features such as its simplified and expert mode designed for two different types of users, realtime safe web browsing, real-time performance monitoring, and new algorithm to fix registry. The last introductory screen offers you to change its skin and default language. You can click the Close (X) button if you want to skip the entire introduction screens.

The main interface of the program is divided into two modes. The simplified mode is where you can only find one single big button on the middle. A click on it launches the scan and fix alltogether immediately. You cannot choose which scan to be performed but each scan type can be skipped during the scan. If you need to disable some scans but not willing to skip them manually, then switch to Expert Mode.

advanced systemcare simplified mode

The Expert Mode is where all of the features are displayed. Here you can choose which tasks to perform when the program scans the system. If you have defragmented the hard drives, for instance, then the defragmentation task can be excluded from the scan.

advanced systemcare expert mode

The scan task in the Expert Mode include Malware Removal, Privacy Sweep, Internet Boost, Registry Defrag, Security Defense, Vulnerability Fix, Registry Fix, Junk Files Clean, Shortcuts Fix, System Optimization, Disk Scan, and Disk Defragment.

After you choose which scan tasks to peform, click the Scan button to run the inspection process. You can set the program to repair automatically after the scan is finished. Or, just let the whole scan completes and then click the Repair button to fix all of the detected errors.

Before repairing, you probably want to view the detailed report of each scan. Click on a task name on the left side to reveal its report. Internet Boost, for instance, detected 49 unoptimized settings on my test. Uncheck any of the items that you don’t want the program to fix. The same thing can be done for some other scan tasks like System Optimization and Registry Fix.

scan report

internet boost detailed report

The Toolbox itself contains a plethora of tools that you can use to run specific task manually. Some of the tools, however, needs to be downloaded and installed first. Additional tools can also be found there such as Driver Manager, Auto Shutdown, Undelete, and more.


Need to get more system resources to get your job done faster or to make your game playing runs smoother? Go ahead to the Turbo Boost section and choose one of the available two modes: Working or Game mode, and then activate your choice by turning on the boost function.

boost mode

On the other hand, the Settings window provides a number of options to customize how the scan works. For instance, files can be deleted by means of a secure deletion mechanism instead of using a standard one. More items can also be included in the deletion.


Optimizing sytem basically means changing or making some necessary adjustments to the system to work better. Sometimes the result might be otherwise, though, and this is where the Rescue Center which is included in the program can help you out of the unexpected trouble. This section is the part of the freeware that allows you to create and access system restore points. Any change that you’ve made to the registry and internet setting through the use of the software can also be undone.

asc rescue center

Quick scan and fix, lots of optimization tools, easy to use, capability to exclude certain items from the scan, backup creation before it fixes anything, and free. All of these sweet things are packaged in an eye-candy user interface. It’s great. Even though I don’t like the advertisement for the Pro edition that seems exaggerated when it comes to the internet speed improvement–which is claimed up to 300%–this is still a great piece of system optimizer program. If you’re interested, go to the developer’s website or Softpedia to download the installer.

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