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A Complete Dark Theme for Feedly

If you spend a lot of time reading in Feedly, you should try these three awesome dark themes.

Dark Feedly (Hauschild’s) is a custom style that turns the white background to a nice dark grey and the black text to a combination of white, green and light grey. However, unlike the two others, this one leaves the sidebar untouched so you need to enable the built-in Black Cats theme if you want to make it dark as well.



Dark/Night Feedly was created by icyu that changes the bright background of the content as well as the sidebar to an even darker grey with a neat combination of white and grey for the text color. I love how its Title mode looks.



Of all the three, it seems that Dark/Black/Night Feedly + wide/condensed is the one that comes up with the darkest (nearly black) background for both the content and sidebar areas. And unlike Hauschild skin where green is applied to the unread links of post titles, this Akerd creation uses green color only for the feed titles and article headings.




Whichever you choose, if you really like dark theme and if you use Firefox, make sure to install FT DeepDark that will change the color of the browser’s interface, including the scrollbar, to match your Feedly theme.

If you’re interested, you need to install Stylish or Greasemonkey first to use any of the styles.

Stylish for Firefox: Download
Stylish for Google Chrome: Download
Greasemonkey: Download

Dark Feedly script: Download
Dark/Black/Night Feedly + wide/condensed:Download
Dark/Night Feedly: Download

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