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3 Ways to Select Text of a Hyperlink in Firefox

Need to select some text that is a part of a hyperlink? You know it can be done but sometimes it is not that easy, especially when you need to select the middle part of a link. Some of you might just copy the whole text and then trim it to get the wanted part. Fortunately, if you use Firefox on Windows, selecting text of a link can be done in more ways you might ever know.

Using only the left button of your mouse

If you just need to select a single part of a link, and it happens to be the middle one, put the cursor slightly above or below the part and then double-clicking on the empty area. The part is highlighted automatically as you do this. One more thing to note, make sure the cursor is in its arrow shape to be able to make the selection.

If you need to select two or more words from a hyperlink, place the cursor right above or below one of the word, and while it is in arrow shape, hold and press the left button of your mouse and drag the cursor to the rest of the part to select the whole targeted words.

This method has its own weakness. Placing the cursor in such a way can be rather difficult sometimes as you have to make sure that it is in arrow shape and not to accidentally click the link. Not to mention when you need to select a specific part of a hyperlink while the link itself is located between other links and there is no space between the links for the cursor to stay in arrow shape (see screenshot below). This is where the following Alt method is more reliable.


With the help of Alt key

Press and hold the Alt key and then select the text. There is no need to put the cursor above or below the link and to keep its shape in arrow.

This Alt method isn’t free from disadvantage, however. If you let go the Alt key too early the link can open, not to mention that it is possible for the menu bar to appear accidentally.

Firefox Add-ons

If you want a solution using extension, this one might be able to draw your attention. It works on Firefox and Chrome.

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